My homepage was on http://www.mathematik.uni-stuttgart.de/~floeff for many many years, since I first had set it up (at the time writing HTML code in the vi editor and using the very first Mosaic web browsers on a RS/6000 Unix machine) back in 1993 or 1994… but in 2018 the University seems to have put some control in place and I cannot use their server any more.

So I decided it was time to grow up and run my own server. First I was thinking about running it in my home… but then I found that the security risks in opening the Firewall on my OpenWRT/Tomato home router were higher than the benefits.

So I opted for renting a VPS at France’s most innovative service provider OVH and I installed state-of-the art webservers and applications on it (basically, OpenVPN, nginx and WordPress).

But then I made a really stupid mistake, pressed the wrong button and reinstalled the debian System on the machine. Of course there was no backup. So I had to do the stuff again, and of course over the few weeks working on this I had learned quite something: It became clear to me that I should really not do the whole UNIX application integration on the machine, but I should use microservices and containers.

So… here I am proudly opening Version 3 of my web presence… running still on an OVH VPS, but this time fully containerised (using docker/docker-compose). 

Needless to say, this time I also got the groundwork right (I hope at least): The website does support HTTP/2 protocol, and it is reachable over IPv6. On the same server, in different containers, I am running a dedicated nginx web server, a nginx proxy to redirect to various containers, a nextcloud container allowing me to do file sharing, and a completely customized OpenVPN instance to allow my Android OTT Set Top Box at home to access the Internet from a special IP address that cannot be tracked easily.

Future plans include to set up a cloud based IoT server (maybe using Node-Red, not decided yet).


May 2019 Repairs Log

Replaced the iRobot Roomba front wheel (which kept falling out of its mounting bracket) with a new one and cleaned the whole thing. Replaced the pressure regulator in the Jura coffee machine that was leaking water and completely cleaned the machine. Fixed the mechanism of jewelery chain. Fixed a Yo-Yo. Swapped the cylinder of the …

April 2019: Repairing Volkswagens Electronic Parking Brake

New cars come with lots of electronics. And of course an electronics engineer can’t just go to the mechanics workshop and have it repaired. So I spent some hours repairing the switch of the “electronic parking brake” that failed after a night in the rain. Interesting experience, documented here (sorry, in German) for others who …

Looking back at 2018

Following the largely positive feedback I got on my “yearly update” email last year, I decided to repeat the exercise. But given I set up a new web presence meanwhile, I also decided to publish it here. What has Siegfried done in 2018 … professionally? One year ago I wrote in my “new years resolutions” …


I do not publish phone number or address on this blog, if you want to reach out to me please email me at siegfried dot loeffler at gmx dot net.


I do not publish phone number or address on this blog, if you want to reach out to me please email me at siegfried dot loeffler at gmx dot net.